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Getting an Actual VIN for the Bike

According to the great state of california, this bike will be a Specially Constructed Vehicle, (SPCNS)

  • CA DMV Application for Title or Registration - Reg. 343
  • A vehicle verification done by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). You must start your application process with the DMV prior to contacting the CHP for vehicle verification.
  • CA DMV Statement of construction - Reg. 5036
  • Proof of ownership, such as invoices, receipts, manufacturer’s certificates of origin, bills of sale, or junk receipts for the major component parts (engine, frame, transmission, and body)

DMV REG 124 (REV 9/94), Application For Assigned Vehicle Identification Number Plate

DMV Handbook of Registration Procedures, Chapter 8.030

DMV 8.030

CHP 888

CHP 888 (Motorcycle Equipment)

CHP 892 (Special Construction Vehicles) may also apply.

CA Vehical Code

Assignment of Model Year

DMV VC 4750.1

Custom Built Cars

CA DMV on Custom Built Cars

Specially Constructed Vehicle Emission Control Program

It's gotta pass emmissions.

Referee Center

Referee Centers

Becoming a Licenced Vehicle Manufacturer

Not requrired, but related.

Vehicle Manufacturer Forms

Other Information

Regestering a Kit Car in California