Keys From Codes

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What you need

Getting keys made from codes requires two things.

  • Key Codes
  • Proof you own the bike


Where to go

Either the dealer or a locksmith should be able to get codes for making the keys from the manufacturer given a vehicles VIN#, but doing this will certianly add to the cost.


Some locksmiths may be able to do this, it depends on how well they are set up. The bigest problem with going to a locksmith is cost. They easily charge twice what other options cost.


The best place to go is a motorcycle dealer with a key cutting machine. The added advantage of doing this is that you can get an actual OEM key blank, so that the replacement key actually is identical to the stock key.

In the Bay Area

I needed keys for my late model Honda. After, calling around I found that Golden Gate Cycles in SF and East Bay Motorsports or Freemont Honda (can't remember exactly).

Anyway, no problem. I was able to get a perfect key from code from a dealer for a reasonable price.

Masters and Copies

Once you get a copy from code, get some copies made anywhere you like then file the master with the rest of your paperwork at home.

Keys from Locks

This requires removing a lock from the bike.

Good Key Copy Places

Key Kraft (SFMC Sponsor)
1585 Church Street
(between 28th St & Duncan St)
San Francisco, CA 94131
(415) 285-0134