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Welcome to PVDwiki!

This site was born on 10/11/2006 to address some of the needs, shortcomings, and growth opportunities for my original website,

It is taking some time to properly convert the information from the old site to the new wiki format, so check that site for additional information.

The wiki format will allow many people to collaborate on the many difficult to understand and technically detailed subects that have traditionally been covered in the PVD universe.

Peter Verdone

What is a wiki?

A little explaination

A few points of order:

  • Feel free to add, edit, or elaborate on any subject that you come accross on this site, but do your very best to craft your words to make concepts as easy to understand in the most precise way possible.
  • Cite as much external data, PDS sheets, websites, books or people possible to help validate claims or corrections you make.
  • Include graphic examples whenever possible. This includes data charts, graphs, illustrations, and photography.
    • Original upload image file should be as large as necessary to clearly get the point accross, attempt to keep it under 1280x1024.
    • Images within pages should be kept within 800x600. Smaller if a large image is not neccesary or impossible.
    • If possible, keep images under 153.6Kb.
    • Scale image using wiki script.
  • Whenever possible, attemt to use standardized formats for your entries, see: Wikipedia's Guide to layout Wikipedia's Manual of Style, If this does not seem possible, don't worry too much about it. It will be shaped as the editing process takes place.

I will act as editor in cheif for this site, but expect it to be fairly hassle free since all contributers are expected to weed out and errors or omissions.


Here are some helpful links to better understand wiki scripting.