NSS250 Reflex Shock Tuning

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  • Rear Axle Travel - 96mm (3.8in)

Sag Measurements

  • Free Sag - 13mm
  • Rider Sag - 35mm
  • Preload Position - 7 of 7

I'm looking to get the rider sag down to 30mm and the free sag down to 5mm.

I can get very close to this by simply adding a 5mm spacer into the shock, but since It will be nice to have some range in the adjustment, I will add a 10mm spacer. This should get me to 2 of 7 in the adjuster and offer me some space to add preload when riding with my wife.


  • OD - 53mm
  • ID - 40mm
  • Length -
  • Rate -