Naked 600RR Conversion

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I've never really been happy with how my bike turned out after restoring it from a major crash in late fall of 2006. Everything fit together weird. Things were bent or busted. It made it feel like I was on a rat bike even though it was a really nice bike still.

At mid summer 2007 I decided to strip off the fairings and go naked. I really want it to look more motocross than street in the end. ie, as much exposed fork as possible.







For $60 shipped, I got another sub harness on Ebay to hack up. This way I can make sure I end up with a clean wire layout, but keep a OEM sample for later or for checking against.

Honda sub harness.jpg

Turn Signals?

I'll probably have to mount turn signals off the sides of the headlights. If I can make them small enough, it could look pretty clean.

24953. (a) Any turn signal system used to give a signal of intention to turn right or left shall project a flashing white or amber light visible to the front and a flashing red or amber light visible to the rear.

(b) Side-mounted turn signal lamps projecting a flashing amber light to either side may be used to supplement the front and rear turn signals. Side-mounted turn signal lamps mounted to the rear of the center of the vehicle may project a flashing red light no part of which shall be visible from the front.

(c) In addition to any required turn signal lamps, any vehicle may be equipped with supplemental rear turn signal lamps mounted to the rear of the rearmost portion of the driver's seat in its rearmost position.

(d) In addition to any required or authorized turn signal lamps, any vehicle may be equipped with supplemental rear turn signal lamps that are mounted on, or are an integral portion of, the outside rearview mirrors, so long as the lamps flash simultaneously with the rear turn signal lamps, the light emitted from the lamps is projected only to the rear of the vehicle and is not visible to the driver under normal operating conditions, except for a visual indicator designed to allow monitoring of lamp operation, and the lamps do not project a glaring light.

24952. A lamp-type turn signal shall be plainly visible and understandable in normal sunlight and at nighttime from a distance of at least 300 feet to the front and rear of the vehicle, except that turn signal lamps on vehicles of a size required to be equipped with clearance lamps shall be visible from a distance of 500 feet during such times.