Octoberfest at the German Tourist Club 2007

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German Tourist Club, Octoberfest 2007

Traditional alpine festivals take place in May, July, and September on the third Sunday of the month. Admission costs $15.

Standing room only

A GLASS of beer. Craig is thirsty.

Dance fever.

Kid in gear.

The band.

On the way back Craig and I rode some single track a little too drunk. Craig crashed twice on the fire road before we even got onto the trail. Hoo-Koo-E-Koo, I snag on a rock, fall off the trail. 3 or 4 scary flips head over heals, I bounce off a big rock and end up about 30 feet vertically below the trail. Craig went down to get my bike which ended up about 60 feet below the trail. This crash was the real deal and I could have died. Oddly, I'm not even scratched and I feel fine. Baby Jesus gots my back.