PVD R1 Slalom Truck (Prototype)

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Inital concept was inspired by a visit to Comet Skateboards and a few hours with some racing skates.

The state of art in deck design was advancing rapidly but truck design was still locked into the 1930's. Angles were being changed by stacking mounting nuts and geometry was being changed via welding odd beams from the axles. It was discusting, embarassing, and made me mad.

Further investigation made me realize that almost every person involved in skateboard racing had no idea how skate trucks really worked and what various geometry changes really did.

A few thousand dollars were flushed down the drain and 5 pair of prototype trucks were produced. The design work was all done in solids using AutoCAD 2000. This horrible CAD experience led me to end up buying SolidWorks, which I have never regreted. The difference is evident in subsiquent designs.


  • Angle adjustment, 5 degree increments from 20 to 60 degrees. Single parameter, does not change wheelbase or ride height.
  • Wheelbase adjustment, 2 mounting positions for old or new school mounting. Ends the need to over drill foam core boards.
  • 8mm precision axles, for maximum speed.
  • Width adjustment via axle swaps.
  • 5 differnt bushing durometers.
  • Turn stops, adjusted to stop the wheel before it bites the board. Faster and safer.
  • Precision "no slop" pivot action. Plain bearings nearly eliminates any bind from the system.

Solid Model: http://www.peterverdonedesigns.com/images/content/solid_models/PVD%20R1.eprt

PVD R1.jpg