PVD R3 Slalom Truck

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These are the most advanced and tunable skate trucks ever made. They are NOT built to grind, but to race. The were designed during the 2001-2 racing seasons with the help of professional riders, Terrence Kirby & John Gilmore. Without their input, these would not have the legendary performance that they are known for.

Key Features:

  • 8mm precision titanium axles.
  • Single parameter adjustment of ride height, steering angle, wheel base, and width.
  • 3.000" of wheelbase adjustment per truck, per drilling (new or old pattern)
  • Steering angle choices between 0 and 60 degrees with open source patterns for any angle.
  • Custom made single block high rebound elastomer steering spring/damping in 5 harnesses.
  • Adjustable turn limit screws to prevent any possibility of wheel bite.
  • More possible tilt than any other truck ever made.
  • Opens board shape designs by moving axles independent of drilling

Simply, The best ever made.

Solid Model: http://www.peterverdonedesigns.com/images/content/solid_models/PVD%20racing%20skate%20truck.easm

PVD R3.jpg