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From time to time it is necessary to repair plastic parts and bodywork on a motorcycle. Two main ways exist for doing this, epoxies or plastic welding.

Epoxy Based Repair

Sorry guys, JB Weld is not going to cut it on this job. Devcon and 3M both make products for structural bonding plastic. I used Devcon Plastic Welder 14320 to repair some plastic as a result of a motorcycle crash.

Devcon Plastic Welder is some serious epoxy and it really puts out some fumes. Make sure to work with this stuff in a very well ventalated area.

Plastic 5956.jpg

Plastic 5957.jpg

The mating parts of plastic need to be clean and skuffed for best results. When you can, build up the epoxy to give the joint more structure.

Plastic 5961.jpg

Plastic 5963.jpg

Plastic 5964.jpg

Plastic 5967.jpg

Plastic Welding Repair

Safety Wire or Zip Tie Repair

Safety wire or zip ties can also be used to repair platic. Similar to stiching, it is commonly refered to as the frankensien technique.

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