Remote Eyepeice for SLR

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I found this in Costco today. VRBCS300W - Wireless* Backup Camera Here is the manual

Instantly, I knew that it would work perfect for a remote viewable screen for my DSLR while on a boom. Killer!

My goal was to make a thing similar to the Zigview S2

2 issues:

  • Small 12v Battery
  • Mount for eyepeice
  • Optimal pickup lens focal lenth.

The Battery

An Energizer A23 An Energizer A27

They differ in amperage: 40mAH (23A/A23) or 18mAH (27A/A27)

The Mount

The Pickup Lens

The lens was way too wide for use. The camera view was only covering about 5% of the screen. I switched to a narrower lens and it worked much better, but still, only 50% of the screen was showing up.

Lower Frequency In MHz 2414.0

Upper Frequency In MHz 2468.0