Why Microsoft Photo Editor Should Not Be Used

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The Issue

Most of the time, a digital photograph will need to be scaled down for use online or in e-mails. It may be tempting to use Microsoft Photo Editor since it is usually at hand.


Use Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements). The example below shows why.


Here is a portion of an image that I had at hand that helps show a common issue that comes up using cheaper imaging software.

The original crop shown here was 1339x893 pixels. It was resized in Photoshop to 600x400 pixels.

Yien hair photoshop.jpg

Here is the same image resized in Microsoft Photo Editor to 600x400 pixels.

Yien hair MS PE.jpg

The Devil is in the Details

Here is the Photoshop image viewed at 400%.

Yien hair photoshop 4x.jpg

And the Microsoft image viewed at 400%.

Yien hair MS PE 4x.jpg

The difference should be quite obvious. Use Photoshop.