This sucked.

I started this project last fall and I’m finally getting it done. I’m trying to clear the counters in the shop and I’m hoping to stay on track.

I like to use my PVD StepDown brake mount on frames and forks. After welding, some calibration of the mount is good to do. This will help.

The Park DT-1 tool sucks. It has a lot of problems but it has a good use. The DT-UK Upgrade Kit being a complete waste of money. The new DT-5.2 full kit may be ok, but really needs some good engineering to be best. It also needs to be sold as components for those of us that need just the flat mount cutter. It’s a real shame that the tool is based off a 20mm shaft rather than 3/4″.

These were cut from 20mm ground 4140 shaft (8927K89), precisely bored out to 12mm and 15mm ID. Cutting these bores well wasn’t looked forward to as the material really tears and needs to be nursed to even look marginal. I need to make at least one more of these and will order some 12L14 steel (5544T382).

I now have a good setup for 142×12, 148×12, 110×12, 110×15. That’s most of the common future sizes. 100×12 is missing as some fucking stupid bicycle industry good thought that shit up.

One very cool byproduct of these parts is that I can now measure bike frames with the wheels off and on a surface table. That’s going to take a lot of the fuzziness out of the process and hold the bikes a lot more secure than I have been.