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Ever since I bought my Privater in 1998 and now have a Single Speed modified Racelite I have wondered about the evolution of the Bontrager bicycle.

is a good site to start..

has more details but is limited..

from the horses mouth.

Still a lot of un-answered questions-

What is the differance between a OR and a Race? When did they switch from the squared off frame stickers? What about the two part seat stays? What about the front derailleur pulley? Dates and possible reasons why. Rocklobster Nontragers are made from NOS Tange Prestige from the Santa Cruz Bontrager closure. Does that mean Bontrager frames were made from Tange? I thought they were made from True Temper. What about colors? Did Race and Race Lites come in different colors? Were the colors year specific?

I saw these posts on MTBR

so I know there is a huge knowledge pool out there.

It can be something as simple as. ***THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE*** and not meant to be accurate

1) 1989 Bontrager cycles is born and the OR frame was made. 2) 1992 Bontrager cycles expands from one man shop to production; OR is discontinued and Race is introduced. a) Frame changes; monostay is capped; horizontal to verticle dropouts; canti hanger from pin to welded stud (functional art). 3) 1994 Frame stickers change from square to pointed; front derailleurs are changed from bottom pull (w/pulley system) to top pull. racelite is introduced. 4) 1995 Trek buys Bontrager 5) 1996 Trek introduces Privateer

Again some of this is just made up. My hope is there are enough Bontrager aficionados out there to make this work.

Brad Goodwin