Fox 40 (2009) Setup

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  • 202mm of positive travel
  • 6mm (estimated) negative travel
  • 218mm available damper travel


2009+ Springs:

  • 039-05-070, 30 lb/in, Black, for <90-120 lb. rider
  • 039-05-071, 35 lb/in, Purple, for 120-150 lb. rider (Current)
  • 039-05-062, 40 lb/in, Blue, for 150-180 lb. rider (Stock)
  • 039-05-073, 45 lb/in, Green, for 180-210 lb. rider
  • 039-05-074, 50 lb/in, Yellow, for 210->240 lb. rider

Some discrepencies have been argued between the springs of older 40's and the new ones. The part numbers for the springs in the old forks are different, but the rates are the same meaning that the change was probably due to physical dimentions.

2005-2008 Springs:

  • 039-05-020, 30 lb/in, Black
  • 039-05-021, 35 lb/in, Purple
  • 039-05-032, 40 lb/in, Blue
  • 039-05-023, 45 lb/in, Green
  • 039-05-024, 50 lb/in, Yellow


2 turns in from full out.

Suggested Sag


Measured Sags

  • 43mm (24%) w/ 40 lb/in spring w/ 0mm preload
  • 50mm (25%) w/ 35 lb/in spring w/ 0mm preload


  • Rebound - 1.25 turns out
  • Low Speed compression - 0.50 turns out
  • High Speed compression - 0.50 turns out

Supposedly, 2009 40's are:

  • 16.6x0.1
  • 15.5x0.15
  • 13.5x0.15
  • 9.6x0.25

Damping Fluid

I set my fork up using Red Line Medium (red) fluid. This fluid is very high quality and works well in lots of situations. It may be slightly on the light side, based on looking at the adjuster postions for compression. I'm concerned that the fork was put together last time with some air in the damper. If those setting change now, it may be fine.

Bleeding the damper can be a bitch.


Internal Hydraulic Bottom-Out Adjustment

I cannot remember the stock setting for the bottoming valve on this fork. Sorry. The fork comes with the maximum amount of bottoming resistance. It looked that the max was the lat 45mm of travel.

Bringing the valve to the minimum postion produces increased damping in the last 10mm of the stroke. This setting completely opened the fork up and produced a dramatic change in the quality of motion. 10mm however was not enough for me and I had to add one of the 7mm spacers to the stack to get increased damping in the last 17mm of travel. I will be testing this soon.