Handmade Bicycle Show 2007

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Great show. I stopped by on Saturday to see some old friends and oggle some gay bikes.

Definate winner of the show was the Ahearn Cycles little white rack. In a show filled with racks, Ahearn was the ruler. Simple, artistic, and actually usefull looking. Nice guys too. http://www.ahearnecycles.com/
IMG 7999.jpg

Runner up was the internal hydraulic job on the Soulcraft. This was a funny bike. A real road bike with disks. Problem is a real road bike needs a suspension fork to run disks, which this bike lacked.
IMG 8037.jpg

As always, Calfee and Vanilla raised the bar to nearly impossible levels. Calfee is 10 steps ahead of anyone, and Vanilla's stuff is razor sharp and on the highest level.