Light Wheels (Bicycle)

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Mavic Cross Max SL

A Mavic Crossmax SL 24 hole front rim weighs 405 grams. It's tubeless which is nice, but it is limited to use with the fancy aluminum spokes and integrated nipples.


Mavic 819 Rims

A tubeless Mavic 819 rim weighs 464.6 grams.

33 of the special nipples weigh 55.6 grams. 32 will weigh 53.9 grams.

The rim with 32 holes and nipples will weigh 518.5 grams.

Mavic EN 321 Rims

32 hole: Book weight, 570 grams. Actual 566 grams.

Velocity USA

650B Blunt Rim. 32 hole. 464.8g.