PVD 5.5" Fork Hardtail Aluminum

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This is going to be my first aluminum bike, so I have a few details to work out.




Easton Ultra-Lite 7005 Taperwall MTB tubeset

7005 Aluminum Stock

This tubing is widely available as special bicycle tubing, but is rare to find as bulk straight gauge tube. ASTM B221 Pertains to 7005(T53)(UNS A97005, #27)Aluminum in Bar Tube and Wire

ISO France NF USA ASTM German DIN UK BS Italy UNI Switzerland VSM Sweden IS Japan JIS
ALZn4,5Mg1 7020 (7005) AlZn4,5Mg1 3.4335 H17 7020 7791 AlZn4,5Mg1 4425

One source is Fairing, Full 2008 Catalog

Odd Parts

Ahrens is selling some quality parts, the dropouts look very nice.

Head Tube and Headset

Custom Head tube

Cane Creek ZS-2

  • Upper Stack - 8mm
  • Lower Stack - 5.6mm

Fabrication Instructions

Easton Fabrication Instructions 7005 & 6061

Welding Practice

Welding Rod

"Use 5356, 5180 or 5183 fillers for welding 7005 frames.", Easton. "5356/5180/5183" Columbus

"Al Mg Si 05 (USA 6063) - CASTO MAG 45802" CeeWay.

Welded Up


Complete Bike

Ride Quality