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Commercial Chainguides Suck

Why does everything out there suck? I just couldn't stand it.

Since my new frames will be produced with an ISCG05 mount, I figured that I needed to design something that would be fitting on my frame.

About 10 prototypes were produced. Endless testing. Finally done.

PVD Solution

Properly designed chainguide, bash/skid plate, tensioner.

Polycarbonate, delrin, stainless steel.


CNC and Laser cut unit

254 grams with all hardware.

Designed to run 35 to 38 tooth chainwheels

Pictures of Final Design (CNC & Laser cut)

IMG 6949.jpg

IMG 6952.jpg

IMG 6955.jpg

IMG 6959.jpg

IMG 6960.jpg

IMG 6963.jpg

IMG 6967.jpg

IMG 6970.jpg

Pictures of Prototype (Manual machined)

IMG 6009.jpg
IMG 6011.jpg
IMG 6014.jpg
IMG 6015.jpg
IMG 6017.jpg
IMG 6018.jpg