Sea Otter 2007

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Super D

Open Men 30-39, Bib #110, 4th Place, 7:04:17

I Killed it. I ran a 53 tooth chainring and still spun it out. My top speed was 43 mph. I should have gotten 3rd, but i made a tactical mistake.



Hardtail Men 30-39, Bib #1051, 7th Place, 3:19:68

A lame run. The course was completely different than in practice, of course, due to torrential rain earlier in the day. Plus, I made lots of stupid mistakes. I started my run by slipping out of both my pedals. I popped out again later going over the woops and into the step up. My crappy line choices really made things worse. Practice went so well, and my run was in ruins. I would have gotten 4th if i had raced DH Sport.


Notice that my foot is not in the pedal. Fuck!


Sport Men 35-39, Bib #918, 41st Place, 1:39:21

I did my best. I didn't give up and kept pushing. It's not really my kind of racing or a course that exploits any of my skills. It's basically a roadie course. No real problems on the course. I'm satisfied with my results. I would have gotten 2nd if I had raced Clydesdale Sport Open. I would have gotten 4th if I had raced Clydsdale Expert Open. I made myself proud.



Full results are available at the Sea Otter website


Mo on the XC course

IMG 8450.jpg
Jackie gets the word.

IMG 8453.jpg
Karen can't draw quicker than me!

IMG 8460.jpg
The begginers

IMG 8477.jpg
Allen is happy to be done.

IMG 8483.jpg
FR Ron is confident

IMG 8528.jpg
The Cuban. Probably the best sandwich I have ever eaten.

IMG 8541.jpg
Pure Satisfaction

IMG 8725.jpg
Scott in practice

IMG 8752.jpg
Karen ripping the race run.