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Lamps should be chosen economically with:

  • The highest Color Rendering Index (CRI) possible. This will improve the acuracy of the colors that you see and help photographic images.
  • A good color temperature for an accurate white balance. 5000 to 6500K. 6500 is good for D65 sRGB photography.

The GE Daylight bulb my be the best commonly available bulb, but it does cost twice as much as some of the other options. The Ecolux bulbs have CRI's up to 84, but I do not know about the cost and availablity of these.


GE Shoplite (T12):

  • 60 CRI
  • 4100 K Color Temperature
  • 1675 Mean Lumens

GE Kitchen & Bath (T12)

  • 70 CRI
  • 3000 K Color Temperature
  • 3000 Mean Lumens

GE Cool White (T12)

  • 60 CRI
  • 4100 K Color Temperature
  • 2280 Mean Lumens

GE Daylight (T12)

  • 75 CRI
  • 6500 K Color Temperature
  • 2775 Mean Lumens