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From Justin

5/2/07 I rode this bike:
Wanga One.JPG

For 4 rides and 64 miles and this happened:


My buddy Scott noticed a small crack in the paint job on the top tube first.

We were soo wrapped up in arguing whether or not it was a structural failure

that we didn't even notice the large kink in the downtube shown in the picture.

Ok, so he was right I guess.

I emailed Voodoo.They say they'll fix me up in no time. We'll see...

5/4/07 Here are some better photo's of the failure:



5/8/07 Joe Murray's response when I asked him why he thought it broke: "The tubing is fairly thin and light. We are looking into it since we've had 8

failures like this. Maybe still not bad for 400 plus frames with this tubing.

The Reynolds 631 is a bit heavier, but only 120 grams or so. We've had zero problems

with these frames."

So I'm getting a stronger frame that is about a cheesburger heavier. Good trade off

for me since I am 185lbs. I have to say, Voodoo did a great job of getting back to me.

I don't have the frame yet though. Stay tuned...