130mm Rear Disk Hubs

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Velocity USA

Velocity USA has a hub that they call the 'road disc'. It's a generic hub and only costs $67.25. It is available only in 32 holes. Yeah!

Velocity road disc hub.jpg


D352SB, D352SB-S10, D452SB (campy?).


As of spring 2007, the only way to get a 130mm spaced rear hub with disk is through buying a FSA wheelset. It's really too bad that the hub is not available separately.

Info on the FSA RD-460 Wheelset

FSA FAQ on the RD-460

Exploded View

FSA-300 SL Wheelset FSA-100 Wheelset

Phil Wood

CDS533 & CDS633, 32 or 36 hole, $459 just hub.


Select Disc Road, 24 hole, $149 for rear wheel.

Easton Velomax

Sagitta Cross Wheel, 28 hole front and rear.