Cannondale Headshok Information

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OE Parts


The end is press-fit/glued into the fork. 1-9/32" shaft diameter. Pvdheadshok-2.jpg


  • 118455, Tele Assy, 80mm, Alum, LC, Honed- $70

  • KF263/, Kit, Damper, Green DLR80, Soft- $100 ($200 Retail)
  • KF264/, Kit, Damper, Blue DLR80, Standard- $100 ($200 Retail)
  • KF265/, Kit, Damper, Red DLR80, Firm- $100 ($200 Retail)

  • HD191/BLK, Kit, Fork Boot, Slim 5 Ridge ($9.99 Retail)
  • HD???/BLK, Kit, Fork Boot, Slim 2 Ridge ($9.99 Retail)

  • 118738L negative spring (soft,green)
  • 118739L negative spring (standard,blue)
  • 118740L negative spring (firm,red)

Headsets and stems

A Cannondale headset and stem must be used with this fron end. The "steerer" diameter is 1.5625" not 1.500".


Coda Stems


Headshok Cartridge (Castle) Tool - HDTL146/

Headshok ½” Shaft Clamp Tool - HDTL187/

Upper Bearing Driver - HDTL149/
Pin tool - HD136/

Loctite 262 - for plastic air piston threads Loctite 242 - for damper assembly threads

Recomended Air Pressure



Assembly Instructions


Grease and Oil

  • Factory Roller Bearing Grease is Royal Purple Ultra Performance Grease NLGI #2 (ISO 46 BASE)
  • Factory Damper oil - Golden Spectro 85-150 Shock Oil


  • Headshock ID is 2.00"
  • Onepointfive ID is 2.20"

Kirk Pacenti sell special headshok head tubes.


Getting parts from an existing fork

Bob Brown describes the process on one of the older steel stantion forks.

Magura Cartridge

This cartridge is considered an upgrade over stock Cannondale parts: 2008 Magura Cartridge

Other Similar Systems

Action Tec

A very old fashioned system with limited adjustablitity: Pro Shock

Rockshox iRide

A very crude recreational grade systme.