Frame Alignment

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It really helps to have a flat surface to work with. Most pro's will end up with a ground granite slab to align from.

Fabricated Tables

I will probably end up buying a Steel Machine Base from Reid Supply. I figure that a 24" x 36" x 3/4" table will work. P/N AGB-15, $880.00. They are fully fabricated solid to a 35,000 lb. capacity and ground to 0.002" per foot.

I belive that these are constructed by American Grinding and Machinary Co. I will see if they are cheaper through them and if I can get drilled plate.

I may end up needing a larger size, but I will figure that out in time.

Leveling Casters

These are cool-

Grinding Shops

Edward Bay Area Grinding, Blanchard Grinding

Stress Relieving