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Hadley Rear MTB hubs are some of the best in the world. Dura-Ace, XTR, and Chris King are all of paramount quality, but only King is as flexible a design. When you invest in Hadley hubs, you get a flexible platform that will change as your needs change.


A Hadley Rear MTB hub can be converted to any of these configurations very cheaply:

10mm QR
10mm Through Axle
10mm Ti Bolts
12mm Through Axle
14mm Through Axle
15mm Through Axle
16mm Through Axle
17mm Through Axle

This saves the rider a lot of money as he/she moves from one frame design or option to another.

Hadley parts.jpg

The Single Speed Hub

A Hadley disc single speed cassette hub with a 10mm through axle and a zero dish. This hub is capable of running from 1 to 5 gears with 6, 7, 8 or 9 speed spacing. That's sick! I managed to make a 6 speed with 9 speed spacing.
Hadley single.jpg

Contacting Hadley

Hadley Racing is located in Upland, California. They have both phone and fax numbers. You can find out what these numbers are if you search long enough.

For the past eternitiy, their answer to "Website?" has always been, "soon." Give up. They are to busy making the best hubs in the world to make websites too.