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This is a highly custom singlespeed bike built for local talent Max Houtzager. He knows how to ride fast and he can pedal too. Hopefully this will do the trick.

Max Houtzager races pretty much anything in the dirt. From Downhill and XC to Super D and Single Speed. He's fast now and only getting faster. Keep your eyes out for him wearing either a Whole Athlete or a Redwood High NorCal team uniform


Some money was saved while constructing this bike. I'm sure that the frame would weigh over half a pound less if another $125 was spent on tubing. Most of this project was about geometry and ride quality rather than cutting edge low weight. If need be, another version can be built that is much lighter.

  • Down Tube - NOV_CODT_35_858 Nova 29er DT 35 x 8/5/8 x 750
  • Top Tube - NOV_CRDT_858_650 NOVA CRMO 28.6 X 8/5/8 DT/TT
  • Seat Tube - Nova CMST 460, External Butt Seat Tube, 28.6/30.0 X 460
  • Seat Stay - DED_AMSS_16ST_.7CRMO 16mm X 0.7 SINGLE TAPER 560
  • Bottom Bracket - PVD Hollowtech II Shell, Road, 92mm wide x 1.75" Ø
  • Dropouts - Paragon Light Slider
  • Braze-ons - Pacenti Hydro

Special or Odd Parts

  • 80mm 90 degree stem with flat bars
  • XT Cranks, granny ring posts machined off for single speed use.
  • 5" rear rotor.
  • Integrated HS and BB
  • Paragon sliding dropouts.


We worked hard on this design using a current PVD frame and did a bit of testing and changes before drawing the frame up. Max is on the Whole Athlete Team. His coach, Dario Fredrick put in in some time with the fit here to ensure that the handling and performance goals that Pete and Max put together would still produce plenty of power for racing up the hill.



Baby blue, baby!

RAL #5012



Frame - 4.07 lbs w/slider Ti hardware and SS bottle cage bolts.

Bike - 23 lb 12 oz. with next to no fancy light parts other than the carbon post. I expect to see the bike weight drop well below 23 lbs before the season starts.


I wanted Max to try a 2x2 setup. This is a single speed setup that allows a gear change by moving the chain to an alternate gearing latterally.

An offroad gear of 34/19 (148.5") with 94 chain links has two options for road/traverse gear are 36/17 (175.7", shortest ctc) and 38/14 (225.3", longest ctc).

I wasnt able to get this to two work properly for some reason on this bike. Gotta double check the math. I also suspect that the chain and rear cogs are not playing nice.


Fox Float 140, lowered to 100mm. Damping with Red Line Light oil.

I figure that Max will be running a fairly high pressure in the fork so I wanted to open the damping a little to keep the fork moving.

He will replace this fork before the season starts.


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