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This bike is my first full solo build. I expect to make a few mistakes. It doesnt matter, it's a stupid bike.

The Specs

  • 73 degree seat tube.
  • 71 degree head tube, for 50mm offset fork.
  • 17.375" chainstays, minimum with sliding dropouts.
  • Clearance for 2.2" tire.
  • 11.75" bb height.
  • 17" C-T Seat Tube.
  • Tubeset is a nova sale set.
  • swapped seat stays for lighter s-bent stays.
  • Paragon sliding drop outs.
  • Crappy BB from a box of Barracuda shells I have laying around.
  • IS Headtube??? Oops. I goofed up some parts so i'm going to have to use a standard head tube. 4.375"

Welded together using Weld Mold 880 filler wire.

The Print


Final Product


Unpainted test ride.
IMG 9479.jpg

Riding Impressions

The frame is very comfortable and works very well. The biggest problem is the 29" wheels. 29" wheels are a fad. With my corrected geometry, the bike felt just like a 26" bike on the trail, other than some slight smoothing due to the wheel diameter. The biggest problem is that the large wheels have a ton of inertia and the heavy steering and handleing is really noticable. This could be improved slightly with lighter tires and tubes, but that would effect handling poorly in another way. Unless you are over 6 feet tall, forget this kind of bike.

The build

Wheel checking the chainstays for actual tire clearance using the largest tire I plan to use. The stays are just tacked at this point, so i can still make subtle changes.
IMG 9308.jpg

IMG 9311.jpg

PVD 29er 3.jpg

PVD 29er 4.jpg

PVD 29er 5.jpg

PVD 29er 6.jpg

PVD 29er 7.jpg

PVD 29er 8.jpg

PVD 29er 9.jpg

PVD 29er 10.jpg

Final Touches

Reaming and facing the head tube.

Chasing and facing the bottom bracket.


I choose to powder coat this frame. Powder coating is quite cheap. $125 at my local place, Poly Engineering, in Richmond, CA. 3 day turn around.

Red Baron Red. I wanted a burgundy, but didn't want to wait or pay extra.

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