PVD Rigid 29er Fork

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This is part of my first solo effort at framebuilding. I have been part of teams building frames, but this time it's all me.

The bike is a silly rigid niner. I got a nice deal on tubes, and wanted to try some geometry tricks. I do not take this bike seriously. It is a first try and will probably end up as my wifes work bike.

The Specs

16.75" Axle to Crown, axially to steerer.
50mm offset.
100mm spacing.
15" axle to bottom of steerer, axially to steerer.
7 degree blade angle, on center.
Nova niner fork blades.
1.125" steerer.

Riding Impressions

The fork is way to stiff, even as a rigid fork. I will have to make a new fork that is more compliant.

It does look better on the bike, than off the bike.

The build

IMG 9301.jpg

IMG 9304.jpg

IMG 9307.jpg

Fork end details.
IMG 9313.jpg

Fitting the disk tab. Still some trimming to do.
IMG 9460.jpg

Welded up. Note the breather hole welded over.
IMG 9464.jpg

Turning the crown race to perfection.
IMG 9454.jpg

IMG 9456.jpg