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Bending Concepts

This is from the Tools for Bending Bending Manual, p.3.

The Current Bender

A simple press bender. Does fine, but could be better when working with chainstays.


The Failed Press Bender

I first decided to make a press bender. It didn't work out too well. Either the radius of the bend was too tight, or the concept was not applicable to my standards, or a little of both.

I figured that this type of bender would make it easier to make mandrels for odd shaped tubes.

The Wheels. Skate bearings make it cheap.
IMG 0205.jpg
On the press.
IMG 0207.jpg
Crappy bend
IMG 0209.jpg
Tool parts packaged up for storage.
IMG 0211.jpg

The Compression Bender

Here is the solid model of what is currently being built:

This model is not fully detailed yet. The radius is yet to be determined.