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The holy grail of framebuilder reamers for seat tubes is a solid spiral flute hand or chucking reamer. These are very hard to find in the fractional metric sizes common for seatposts.


Silva Reamer


Cyclus Shell Reamers

German bike specific tools. Nice.

The handle costs $81.70 and each shell reamer is another $47.00. Any common size is avaliable. Available throught Bike Tools Etc.

I wish that the reamer was spiral fluted and longer. A longer lead in would also be nicer.





Lifu Reamers

Source for reamers

This is a good one: Mike@
KBC Tools & Machinary
1751 Sabre
Hayward, CA 94545
(510) 732-5500
(800) 521-1740

Sharpening and Regrinders

I'll be trying these guys at first:

Cliff @
Pacific Reamer & Cutter Service
4115 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 654-1844

They say that a regrind could be $24 for a chucking reamer $40 for a hand reamer, if they do not have to take too much material off. $55 on my job.

English Hand Reamers

ICS Cutting Tools


Metric Hand Reamers

Metric & Multistandard (MMCC)

M&MS Catalog page 5-540


From: Truls Erik Johnsen to me

"FYI: Tracy Tools in the UK ( have 41mm HSS Dormer branded reamers at £55 plus shipping."

Metric Shell Reamers

1:30 bore, ISO 2402:1972, DIN 219/B

Omal Omal Catalog p.44

Vidia-v Bulgaria.

Metric & Multistandard (MMCC) M&MS Catalog page 5-548

Stim Tools Stim Tools Catalog p. 36

Shell core drills? DIN 222N (ISO 3314)

Rotox Rotox p.84


Probably the most common size seatpost in the industry for steel bikes.

Spiral Flute Chucking Reamers:
Size: Flute Length: OAL: KBC P/N: Price
1-1/16: 2-3/4: 10-1/2: 5-020-295: $37.40 (26.99mm for roughing)
1-3/32: 2-7/8: 11: 5-020-300: $37.40 (27.78mm reground to 27.2 for finishing)

Spiral Flute Hand Reamers:
Size: Flute Length: OAL: KBC P/N: Price
1-1/16: 5-5/8: 11-1/4: 5-010-150: $43.15 (26.99mm for roughing)
1-1/8: 5-13/16: 11-5/8: 5-010-155: $47.65 (28.58mm reground to 27.2 for finishing)

I was told that Toolmex was the supplier for all of these reamers but they turned out to be sourced from Fenes of Poland. Catalog

toolmex helical shell reamers may be good for the next order.

5-155-030 for 1-1/16" $41.00

Bore Polishing

This simple tool is available for cleaning up a bore.