Special Fork Cap Sockets

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Fork caps on bicycle supsension forks are notoriously difficult to work with. They are usually a low profile with a hex and a very thin wall. Any damage to this cap will cause problems.

Common sockets and wrences will have champhers on the ends that often exceed the hight available to lever against. This champher needs to be removed.

The trick for doing it right is to machine or grind a 6 point socket flat. A lathe works best, but a belt sander will do the trick.

24mm - Rock Shocks 32mm Forks.
26mm - Fox 32mm Forks.
32mm - Fox 36mm Forks.

Any cheap socket will work for this. I like to get Proto sockets from MSC PAge 2111 and MSC Page 2116. Great product for the lowest price. Average cost is around $6 each.

A standard 6 point socket. Note the champhers that help guide the socket over fasteners. That's gotta go.

This is what we are shooting for. Note the lack of champher at the hex.

Turning it flat. You can do this with a belt sander if you gotta. Just make it look nice. Take pride in your work. Make sure that the end is square.

A full set of 3 sizes. Give 'em to friends for holiday gifts.