Stem Preparation

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Threadless headset systems require a nice sqare face to push against for proper function. This is important for well engineered systems that use the Dia-Compe patent, but absolutely critical if using a poorly designed Chris King headset.

Rarely is a cast or fabricated stem faced with any usable precision. The price point just doesn't justify it. You must do this yourself. Machined stems rarely require this treatement.


A simple madrel is made to fit a 1" collet and the 1.125" stem. Steel is a good material since when spinning on the lathe the stem will create an unbalanced load.

I prefre to do all work with a collet if I can. I prefer the speed of set-up and the precision.
Stem face 1.jpg

Stem face 2.jpg

Very carefully spin the stem on the lathe. Take as little metal off as needed to get a nice face.
Stem face 3.jpg

Stem face 4.jpg

Always bag and lable specially made tools. Years later the tool will be clean, in good shape, and clearly marked.
Stem face 5.jpg