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Simple, it isn't.

Here is why the goal of having both pressures the same is difficult - it is not easy to do unless you are sitting on the bike - and if you are sitting on the bike, it's impossible without someone to help you. You need to be sitting on the bike to take into account sag. Sitting on the bike increases the positive pressure and decreases the negative pressure. If you set the +/- pressures to be the same while off the bike, they will be unequal when you sit on the bike. Also, using two pumps sounds great, but in reality most pumps vary in their reading and it's not easy to calibrate them.

Also, the floodgate discussion is not complete. Compression and floodgate settings go hand-in-hand, yet compression is not mentioned on this wiki page. A good explanation of how these two settings interact would be helpful (at least it would help me:)