Trail Work on Zig-Zag

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Zig Zag is one of the greatest trails on Tam. It's like your little brother that grows up to kick your ass. Zig Zag has morphed over the last 10 years from a challenging trail, to one of the hardest on the mountain. Most bikers should really just stay away from it as they will just end up damaging it.

It's got quasi-legal status. One of those goofball trails that falls under the city's jurisdiction. No Bikes, but no enforcement. It's not really an issue. Only the best of trail riders are able to survive it's wrath.

About 4 years ago, a storm knocked two trees across the trail that added an obsene challenge to one of the most difficult sections. I was sure someone was able to clean it, but it could only be a top pro. I figured that I would have to walk the section, in shame.

In the last year or two, another larger tree fell at the exact location as the last two. Now the trail was unridable and causing damage as people tried or walked around. It just took me about 16 months to get around to doing the work.

You see, I'm a Fairfax guy. This is a Mill Valley trail. I would figure that one of the riders in a Mill Valley crew would do the work. Fairfax and West Marin riders must have a very different attitude when it comes to building and maintaining trail.

Too sick to ride, I figured today was the day to get the job done. Homage!

30 minute drive, 10 minutes of work.

Sorry folks, no stunts over it. The reason for not stunting it is due to the political situation in Marin. Marin and Mt. Tam are the center of one of the nastiest hike/biker wars on the west coast. I was worried about getting arrested just for chainsawing the clearance. It's really a crazy war. the last thing i'm looking to do is add fuel to the fire. Building a stunt on Tam is like shooting a cop.


Tool of the trade. 5 minutes with this tool makes me the man.


Maggie keeps watch for Mill Valley Police.