Action photo weekend

I got a new camera chassis this weekend so Ronen and I did some shots on Saturday. A nice little trail in Marin. Great for photo practice.

I got a Canon 7D Mark II. It’s supposed to be amazing and it seems that way. I need to get a lot better at taking photos to legitimize it. Focus is lacking for me. Still, 10 fps is an amazing thing!


Here are a couple of images.

On an easy ride on Sunday in Tamarancho, even though it was crazy hot and dry, Ronen showed me a drop he’d been looking at. I’m not a big fan of the hits in this section. The ground condition in the summer isn’t to my liking and the edges are all sharp. Still, with reservation, I took a look at what he was talking about. It turned out to be very nice. Very different from how it looks from below. In the iphone video below, I drop about 8 feet. There is room for 10-11 feet if going faster. I’ll start doing that as time goes by. It was just nice to do a real drop in Tamarancho.