Gemini Conception

These are the all new PVD headtubes for the 2011 Gemini bikes. A pair of bikes following Mercury. A road and a mountain. They should be completed prior to NAHBS for all to see. Show bikes made to be ridden hard, put away wet and taken out again and again.

Top bearing is Cane Creek IS 1.125″ bottom bearing is Cane Creek XX44 1.5″. Main tube diameter is 1.500″

The highest level of design and engineering has produced a two price system that allows any headtube length to be produced with just two prices. Lightest, strongest, PVD pure and simple.

Since these are manual pre-production versions the wall thickness is 0.049″. Future CNC versions will have 0.035″ wall and be a bit lighter and cleaner.

Theoretical weight for 125mm, 178g. (195g. actual)

Theoretical Weight for 165mm 223g. (232g. actual)