Santa Cruz is one of the best brands in cycling.

This is true for a number of reasons but here is one that you probably haven’t heard of.


I deal with lot’s of technology and meticulous setups on bicycles. I find problems and issues with bicycles and components often (but not in this case) long before others even know it is the case. Over the years, I have called many companies with problems looking for resolution. The stock answer from most ‘Customer Care’ departments is “We don’t make mistakes. Our product is fine.” even while the clear evidence shows otherwise. We (the consumer) is treated like a complete retard ignoring that many of us have more education, training,¬†and experience than many in the companies that we are speaking to.

Recently, I found an issue with my Santa Cruz Butcher APP. The main pivot pin had been made as a universal part that would supposedly cover use in a wide variety of frames. In the case of the Butcher, this pin really didn’t work properly and needed to be dealt with. I called Santa Cruz. The customer service guy was nice enough and sent a new pin, but it turned out to be just a replacement not a re-design. I called again and in an interesting twist eventually ended up speaking with and emailing on of the top engineers in the firm. We discussed the issue at length, why SCB had used what they did, how they saw the issue. He listened to my view and why I felt that the situation really required a new part. I think we were both fair and informed with our positions. In the end, the engineer agreed that a new part needed to be cut and a special run was put on order. Honestly, I have never had such a level of support from any company in the bike industry. Cane Creek is great, but this solution finding from SCB is really incredible.

I got the part and it’s just what was needed! A simple enough change, just a little bit more room for the bearing to sit on. It had been placed over the threads but now it’s right.

Thanks SCB! It’s nice that we can count on you as one of the best companies in the business.

The new pin on top and the old pin on the bottom.