Aluminum Radiator Repair

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Tig Welding

The solder did not work for this repair. Nothing seemed to get the solder to stick to the radiator. In the end, I TIG welded the hole. It was tough. I used a 1/16" electrode at 40 amps and 3/32 filler wire. I would have loved a smaller electrode and wire, but this stuff is small as it is.

Here is the result, I will pressure test soon:

The Solder

Aluminum solder exists. I could not get it to work.


ALSOLDER 500, PDS-Flow at 482°F.
Stay-Clean Aluminum Flux, PDS- A honey like liquid flux.

Kit Price - $27.37 from Praxair.

The Torch

Mapp gas (C3H4) produces a flame temperature of 5301° F (2927° C)
Propane gas (C3H8) produces a flame temperature of 4325° F (2385°C)

Cleaning the Solder Area

Paint stripper, a soft brush, water, and compressed air clean the area fine.

It foams as it works.