Knee Pads

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The best knee pads that you can get are Pain Cheaters Knee Pads

Other than that there are:

  • Boneless, although not as nice. A lot of pro's use them, but money talks in the pro game.
  • Harbinger I like their elbow pads, but the knee pads are oddly shaped.
  • Pro-tec is an old name in helmets and make pads that are good for kids or super light duty protection, they are not real vert pads. The ramp pads have gotten better and are a good recommendation for the local kids.

The Rollerblade line of pads are probably the worst pads in existence. The huge knee pads are about the silliest things in the world and they look like they weigh 30 lbs each.

Pro Designed also make some of the worst knee pads you can waste your money on. The elbow and wrist guards are fine, but the knees suck.