Using GPS Data with Google Maps

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Google maps is probably one of the most powerful features within google.

<googlemap lat="42.711618" lon="-73.25112"> 42.711618, -73.25112, this point is not on a line 43.224024, -70.28301, neither is this one

  1. 770077

42.202452, -72.83101, this is on a line of color #77077 45.214425, -72.48114, so is this

  1. 668800

42.201324, -70.95811, this starts a second line 43.404142, -73.44514, this is also on the second line </googlemap>


To use google features within your own html, an API key must be applied for. Each URL needs it's own Key to funtion.

The google API has specific instructions for adding maps, including GPS tracks to your website.




other types of maps in mediawiki are covered here:

Why Google Maps is better than Google Earth

The biggest problem with Google Earth is that users need to sign in. a pain.

Test Space

<gmap>width=600|height=500|zoom=4|controls=no|type=hybrid| rss= usecache=yes</gmap>