Variator Weight Tuning

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The gearing needs some work on my reflex

Take off is clunky and not low enough, also my gearing is too high under heavy load at top speed. I have a large hill that I should be going faster on, but my tach is 500 rpm below redline.

Variator weights are changed to do this. Bringing this weight down will improve my acceleration. Increasing the weights will improve economy.

The weights are 23x18mm.


The Honda Reflex uses a two stage variator weight system. Initially all the weights work together to decrease the gear ratio. Then, at around 5500 rpm, the lighter (black) weights are stopped and only the heavier (white/blue) weights continue to change the ratio.

Essentially, the clutch engages around 3,000 rpm, the bike accelerates in it's lowest gear until around 5,500 when the variator starts shifting. The variator shifts at the same rate until 3 of the six weights are prevented from moving farther and the shifting continues a little longer at a slower rate.

  • By making the white/blue weights lighter, the mainly the entire post engagement range is changed.
  • By making the black weights lighter, only the mainly the initial post engagement range range is changed.

The best way to understand this is to think of the weights in two sections.

  • Stock - 156g (low)/93g (high)
  • PVD 1 - 141g/78g
  • PVD 2 - 126g/63g



Tool Needed

Honda P/N #3821697-001 DRIVE PULLEY HOLDER $44.65


I ordered these Honda rollers for stock:

  • 2005 Honda NSS250S REFLEX, ROLLER SET, WEIGHT, BB P/N #932915-001 $11.64
Honda #22123-KPB-000
3X 31 grams, White/Blue color, 0.340" ID, 23mm OD, 18mm WD
3X 21 grams, Black color, 0.522" ID, 23mm OD, 18mm WD
  • 2005 Honda PS250 BIG RUCKUS, ROLLER SET, WEIGHT, BB P/N #3850295-001 $7.91
Honda #22123-KFG-J00
6X 26 grams, White/Green color, 0.440" ID, 23mm OD, 18mm WD
  • 2005 Honda CN250 HELIX, ROLLER SET, WEIGHT, BB P/N #65179-001 $18.85
Honda #22123-KS4-306
6X 23.2 grams, Pink color, 0.500" ID, 24mm OD, 18mm WD

Aftermarket Options

Dr. Pulley - States that 26g weights are stock in the Forza. Part No. : SR2318 for 23X18mm weights.

First Try

I changed out the three stock White/Blue weights for 3 of the Big Ruckus weights. This brings the total weighting to 141g (low)/78g (high).

The change is great! Redline is at 80mph. Take off is much smoother and cruising at highway speeds has a tiny bit more punch. General throttle feel is much better accross the board.

MPG droped below the 60.5 that I had been getting to 57mpg. I don't really want any less than that.