Aaron Gwin @ Fontana City Nationals

I was at the Fontana City Nationals this weekend. A great venue and a great event.

Aaron Gwin was in the house during Saturday’s DH practice. I got to meet him and take some pictures. He’s a pretty low key guy. He didn’t race on Sunday.

The bike was essentially stock other than the obvious prototype Saint parts. The assumtion was that the real development bike is heald with TWR or out of sight. I was able to talk for a while with David ‘Monkey‘ Vasquez (Gwin’s mechanic). He was short and coy with some of his answers but it gave me a good idea of what was going on.

Gwin will be racing at Sea Otter this year. It will be nice to see the bike’s changes for Sea Otter as that is when the new Saint and Zee will be first shown. I’ve seen those parts privately and they are just awesome. Keep an eye out.