PAIR/SMOG Removal:

The SMOG system does nothing to help or hinder the performance of the bike. It is good to keep on a bike if you are just a regular user. It cleans evaporating gasoline vapor via the charcoal canister so that the unburned hydrocarbons are not released to atmosphere. The PAIR system does affect the bike in terms of producing a popping while engine braking as the system injects air into the exhaust port. The intention is that injecting air into the hot exhaust gases will help any unburned hydrocarbons burn before escaping the exhaust. Since all of this plumbing gets in the way and makes it hard to work on the bike like I plan to, I will remove it. Simply block off each of these systems with vacuum caps. see schematic HERE. Sorry Gia.

One very important reason to understanding the PAIR system on your bike is in regard to getting custom maps made on a dyno where the Air / Fuel ratio (A/F) will be used or at least considered (Ah! the Dynojet vs. Factory Pro debate!! Exhaust Gas vs. Real Power) Since the PAIR system injects air into the exhaust tract, it will read the A/F coming out the exaust a lean ratio when the actual combusion ratio is much richer. When getting your bike dyno tuned, either remove or temporarily disconnect the PAIR system of the bike. Your map will come out better and your tuner will have a much easier time making it.

Make sure to leave the crank case vent line in place. Blocking off this line will cause very bad things to happen. Leaving it open to the atmosphere will just cause a mess and dirt to get into the system. Just don't mess with it. You fucked the earth by pulling out the PAIR and SMOG systems, don't fuck yourself as well by getting heavy handed with this plumbing thing.

SMOG Removal:

  1. Four hoses come from the throttle bodies to the Evap Purge Control Solenoid Valve. Disconnect these hoses and cover the barbs on the throttle bodies with vacuum caps (available at most auto parts stores).
  2. The Evap Purge Control Solenoid Valve has a Connection to the wire harness. Disconnect this and zip-tie the connection block to someplace safe in that area.
  3. The gas tank has a vent line that goes to the Charcoal Canister. Disconnect this line and replace with a line that runs down to the bottom of the bike with the fuel overflow line.
  4. Remove the Evap Purge Control Solenoid Valve, the Charcoal Canister, and any dead plumbing from the bike.
  5. Retain all parts in a small box. Do not throw away. Future regulations may require re-installing.

PAIR Removal:

  1. At the top of the engine, two PAIR Air Suction Hoses run from the PAIR Control Solenoid Valve. Disconnect these two air hoses from the engine. The Pair Valve cover plates can be replaced with sealed units, or capped with vacuum caps.
  2. Disconnect the PAIR supply hose coming from the air box and cap the air box.
  3. Disconnect the Pair Valve Solenoid electrical connection.
  4. Remove the Pair Valve Solenoid and any dead plumbing.
  5. Retain all parts in a small box. Do not throw away. Future regulations may require re-installing.
  6. DO NOT ALTER THE CRANK CASE VENT HOSE. This must stay in place.

Dan Kyle sells PAIR block off plates, so that you can clean up the top of the engine even more. Pretty cheap if you are going to do all of this.



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