Are dropper stems next?

Dropper stems. Are they a thing? Do we need another lever on our handlebars? Will these break at the worst of times? When is enough, enough?┬áMany in the mountain bike world dismissed dropper seat posts when they first appeared. Many swore they had no use for one…until they rode one. Then they had to have one. Is there something to stems as well?

Honestly, I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m going to play with one and see if there is anything to it.


The 3fstech Components AIM (Adjustment In Motion) adjustable on the fly stem has arrived. It’s pretty cool. A company out of Spain is producing these.

I just got this example today. It cleared customs just in time, so I’ll be bringing it to NAHBS this weekend for some folks to see. I figure I’m one of the first in the USA to have one in hand.

The included housing and lever are a bit lame. I’ll replace the lever in time. The stem is designed to accept 5mm OD housing. Not the usual 4mm OD we typically use. I added a spring noodle to make it all flow.

The stem and lever weigh in at 413 grams.


In a quick test ride, it was very interesting. There are some interesting factors to this that may have potential.

To improve the cable routing to the stem, I needed to increase the receiving hole for end cap from 0.217″ to 0.228″ (#1 drill). Now the cable is solid and nice.