Back to the drawing board

Everything is changing so quickly in mountain biking. I can barely keep up with things. Even new models coming out of embargo are two generations old. Some companies get it but are held back by consumers. Other companies are just blind. It’s a lousy time to be cutting carbon molds.

I’m in an exciting place right now. Ahead of the curve. It sucks when you are behind the curve. I fall behind from time to time. When you don’t know why you bother building a bike when you can buy better for cheaper. These days aren’t those days. I’m building what can’t be bought. More importantly, it’s working better. My current hardtail bike is so fast and capable that my whole riding style is changing. Riding style with regard to riding a hardtail that is. This thing is doing things that I never imagined a hard bike doing. It’s going so fast. It’s so planted. Wow.

RedFive is proving to be an amazing development platform. Having the OnePointFive headtube has given me room to play. The initial fit took a few rides. Once in tune, it was great. Then I moved the front wheel forward a few millimeters with the Angleset. Then I moved it a bunch more. Now at 815mm of front center, it’s riding so amazing. Moving the wheel also brought the bottom bracket down to where I was hoping to get to. This is about balance, stance, the position my body wants to be in and the bike matching that for best performance up and down the hill.

I’m looking into starting a ‘next draft’ after I finish Windy’s bike. It will be yet another step forward in development. Below is a draft print.