I have a love/hate relationship with making bicycle mechanical tools. I love that I’m making something that works great but I hate the fact that it’s necessary. I buy plenty of tools that are ‘supposed to do simple jobs well….and don’t.

The Park Tool #827 1.5″ crown race installation adapter for the CRS-15 is a piece of complete crap. It has destroyed the seals on more Cane Creek crown races than I can count. It never sits right, it’s loose, and it doesn’t stay on the CRS-15. The CRS-15 is a nice enough banging tool.

Cane Creek has a tool. I thought that I had it but could never find it. I seem to have every other tool they make. CC # HST005, Crown Race Setter 1-1/2”. It’s nice but doesn’t stay fixed to the CRS-15.

I finally made a fix. It took way too long. Since virtually all I do is install 1.5″ races with the tool, I want it to stay fixed. I want it to locate but not damage the angular face that the bearing sits on. I also want the seal to be unblemished by the install.

Ignore that the set screw stick out too far. I only had M6x10mm screws on hand. M6x5mm screws have been ordered.