BMX TA Front Dropout

This is coming together….

I had to think a little bit to make my new fork right for the current BMX Klunker project. Proper dropouts are key for this kind of bike. It also has to be totally modern. Otherwise, it will just look like a lame old singlespeed.

Water cut from 0.250 4130 plate. I could probably have cut my shape a little lighter. I want this shape proven before I go crazy. I haven’t done this type of dropout before. You’ll understand when you see how it sits on the bike.

Bored to 21mm. I water cut the parts to 18mm to be safe on this round. In retrospect, I should have cut them to 21mm and just dealt with the grit. It would have saved a bit of effort and been fine.

Threaded for M22x1.0 LH thread. Tap sourced from PMW, #FT17390 (Cheboygan Tap & Tool Co.)

Paragon DR4052BDR4053B 15mm inserts. They are installed using a Park SPA-1 Pin Spanner (Green).

The shape of the dropout is for a 50mm offset and a hub with SRAM Torque Cap interfaces. The hub is 110x15mm and has no provision for a front brake. Fork blade is True Temper 1125FB-NM29. That should make everything happy. The fork will have a little give to it but certainly won’t be flimsy.