Ever dreamed of finding a Wicked Fat Chance in a pawn shop?!?!

Today I stumbled on the proverbial pot of gold for bike folks, an early Wicked Fat Chance at a local pawn shop.  The bike apears to be a late 80’s or very early 90’s frame. It’s still got the pressed in BB bearings that were phased out in 1991.

Honestly, I don’t need it but I’m sure somebody you know does. Spread the word, here’s the info:

It’s priced at $699.99 but the sign says that bikes are 25% off. That’s $524.99!

Best Collateral Inc
813 3rd Street, San Rafael, CA 94901-3312
(415) 456-7296

FYI, I last spoke to Chris Chance in San Rafael. He’s doing well and isn’t doing anything having to do with bikes.