Fox Racing Shox tour

I went down to Fox Racing Shox for Dealer Day. It was pretty cool. We were able to see the new museum, R&D, and HQ in Scotts Valley and tour the manufacturing and service in Watsonville. Defiantly worth doing if you never have. I was impressed.

I wish that we were able to see the machine shop in Scotts Valley where the American made parts are created rather than assembled. I’m very interested in seeing that although most folks probably aren’t. Maybe another time.

The marketing and tech folks went over the 2013/2014 lineup. They explained in detail everything about them and answered every technical question about them. These guys knew their product and they could explain it very specifically. We did a few tear downs to get into some of the adjustments and learned a few tricks.

The new museum was great. It’s not super big, but it really did show the evolution of the product from inception, paper, prototype, and production. So many cutaway samples it was awesome. I saw a few products that I didn’t know had been made. One thing that I don’t remember seeing was sportbike shocks, but I may have just not noticed. There was a lot of stuff to see. I especially loved the inclusion of the notebooks and prints. Double stars on that.

Production was top notch. It was interesting to see the real effects of getting the Ford SVT Raptor shock contract. The restrictions on production are amazing so that Ford can control every aspect of what they get with zero defect and track ability. I love manufacturing!

Here are some pictures to share.