JIS Cross Head Screws and Drivers

JIS – Japanese Industrial Standard

I work on a lot of Japanese machines. Motorcycles, bicycle parts, cars, and electronics. A lot of people do the same. Here in the United States, many mechanics and technicians use the incorrect tools and cause issue to the fasteners of these machines. It’s a shame.


Japanese produced goods use fasteners made according to the JIS, the Japanese Industrial Standard. There is no Phillips (Phillips® Henry F. Phillips (1890 to 1958) Phillips Screw Company) head screw in the JIS. There is a cross point screw standard in JIS made according to JIS B 1012:1985.


A JIS screw is often identified by a dot on the head of the screw. But not always. If it’s Japanese, assume it is. JIS can work in Phillips but the opposite is not true.


I have a bunch of different configurations of these screwdrivers. Motorcycles often push the limits of need with long reach or stubby drivers.